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Breast Enhancement Pills & Creams

Just like herbs, many of these pills and creams are still not fully proven. They have not been tested or approved by the FDA in the U.S. or Health Canada or any of the Medical Associations such as the AMA, CMA or BMA. The "natural" ingredients in these pills or creams are not made by the human body. They are made with extracts from plants, animals and minerals.

Just because something is made from a "natural" product does not mean that it is safe for everyone. Take for example peanuts, eggs, milk, pollen or moulds which are all 100% natural, but to some, any of these items could cause mild or even major problems. The FDA and most Medical Associations warn women about trying these products because the ingredients or combination of ingredients have not been tested or checked for short or long term side effects, nor have they been tested, to see if they work well or at all. All pills, creams or medical devices that are considered medical in nature must be tested and approved by the FDA or Health Canada or other national institutions in other respective countries to be able to be sold for a particular medical condition.

Although these products may be affordable, they require a few months supply for them to work and even if they do work, they require continual use to keep up the increase. And depending on how long you use them, they can cost hundreds of dollars, during the duration of the process.

Many of these products work by letting the body retain water or fat. Fat or water retention usually goes throughout the body and not just in the breasts. It may not work for those women who choose to be fit or trim because exercise burns off the fat and it works against what the pills are trying to do. A magic pill has not been invented yet, otherwise we would probably know about it.

CreamsThe Grow Yours Natural Breast Enhancement Process does not need or use any pills, creams or any other products to work.

Our natural breast enhancement works on lobe development and controlled lactation. Our targeted exercises signal the body into thinking that there is a demand for milk. Since the breast's natural function is to produce milk, when there is a demand for it, the lobes begin to activate and develop. As the lobes begin to develop, the lobes grow in size and create more volume in the breast. As the volume in the breast increases, the breast size increases. Our process triggers the woman's own body to create the genetically correct hormones and body conditions to develop the lobes. This is all done naturally by your own body. There are no allergic reactions or other side effects like those that can come from using pills and creams.


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Compare other breast enhancement products with our truly natural process

Compare other breast enhancement products with our truly natural process

Breast Enhancement Pills & Creams

Although they are affordable, they are not approved or tested by FDA as being safe or in most cases, of even working.

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Breast Enhancement Herbs

Many women have turned to herbs for breast enhancement because it uses natural products. Although some women say that they have had some success.

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Hormones work, but doctors are reluctant to have patients on them for long periods of time because they could be dangerous.

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Breast Enhancement Gadgets

Throughout history, women have tried everything and anything they could come up with to give the illusion of making the breasts appear larger than they actually were.

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Breast Implants

Affordability and the health risks are with you for the rest of your life with this method because they need to be changed every 5 to 8 years. At which point you need another expensive surgery to have the old ones removed and new installed.

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